31.08.2023 - Notes

Made in Taiwan

Kao-Ho Hospital: planned in Frankfurt, built in Kaohsiung

31.08.2023 - Notes

The World’s 12 Most Spectacular Modern Churches

One of these is the Siegerland Motorway Church - according to the renowned magazine Architectural Digest

31.08.2023 - Notes

Repurposing the Juridicum for low-cost housing

Astrid Wuttke, a partner at schneider+schumacher, talks on Deutschlandfunk's weekend radio journal 

24.08.2023 - Notes

Ramp construction for the U5 completed

Construction work on the Europa-Allee is making progress

31.07.2023 - Notes

Topping out ceremony in Göttingen

Another milestone reached at the amedes Competence Centre building site

18.07.2023 - Awards

Living by the lake II

Project designed by schneider+schumache’s Vienna office nominated for DAM Prize 2024

30.06.2023 - Notes

Friendly, sceptical, surprised

Twelve sculptures in the series "sunrise.east." by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone moved into the Städel garden in late June

29.06.2023 - Notes

The Siegerland motorway church 10 years on

Miniature model depicts the iconic place of worship – shrunk to seven hundredths of its original size

21.06.2023 - Notes

J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge 2023

including a team from schneider+schumacher

21.06.2023 - Lectures

Register now

for the symposium on 10 July ‘The Future of the Double Theatre’ with Astrid Wuttke, partner at schneider+schumacher

20.06.2023 - Awards

Milestone Federal Quarter in Bonn

Commendation for scheme by schneider+schumacher with GTL Landscape Architecture

Baustelle Mathildenhöhe, Darmstadt
30.05.2023 - Exhibitions

Architecture Day in Hessen

… featuring the Mathildenhöhe exhibition building in Darmstadt, remodelled by schneider+schumacher

24.05.2023 - Awards

New child day-care centre and school sports hall

schneider+schumacher once again wins a competition in the Mainzer Zollhafen

22.05.2023 - Notes

New Visitors’ Terrace at the Städel Museum

Two spiral staircases already installed 

16.05.2023 - Awards

iF Design Award in Gold

awarded to the Frankfurt Pavilion - Frankfurt Book Fair’s reusable pavilion structure designed by schneider+schumacher

15.05.2023 - Awards

Ziegelei-Allee in Praunheim

schneider+schumacher wins ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING expert review process

© 2023 by Jörg Hempel; www.joerg-hempel-com
15.05.2023 - Notes

Affordable housing in Mannheim-Waldhof

147 apartments built to plans by schneider+schumacher

02.05.2023 - Notes

Dondorf'sche Druckerei (Former Dondorf'sche Printworks)

A commentary by Astrid Wuttke, partner at schneider+schumacher, on the FAZ article: "Little hope for the Dondorf'sche Druckerei" (26 April 2023)

27.04.2023 - Notes

From bunker to apartment building

Michael Schumacher, ABG Managing Director Frank Junker and Head of Planning Mike Josef (from left to right) talked about the conversion of the bunker

27.04.2023 - Lectures

Urban Future Forum

With Astrid Wuttke, partner at schneider+schumacher, on 8 May 18:00 - 21:00 at DAM Ostend

26.04.2023 - Notes

Topping-out ceremony in China

Michael Schumacher, Nan Wang, Meng Li, and Ningling Yi from schneider+schumacher attended the celebrations at the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Open Innovation Center

29.03.2023 - Notes

DESION - Parametrically Printed Glass

This innovative product will be presented in the podcast "Fassadentechnik im Gespräch" (Discussing technical façades) – and also at BAU in Munich from 17 to 22 April

21.03.2023 - Lectures

Sustainability Phase: an online seminar

On Wednesday, 29 March, from 18:00- 21:00, with Astrid Wuttke, partner at schneider+schumacher

20.03.2023 - Notes

FAIR in DBZ architecture podcast

Kai Otto, partner at schneider+schumacher, talks to editor-in-chief Michael Schuster about constructing the particle accelerator in Darmstadt in a Deutsche BauZeitschrift podcast.

20.03.2023 - Notes

New roof for Frankfurt bus terminal

Construction of a roof designed by schneider+schumacher has begun

07.03.2023 - Notes

Keeping a step ahead in the listings

From 2008 to 2011, schneider+schumacher renovated the Silvertower –now it has become a listed building

07.03.2023 - Awards

Martin Elsaesser Plaque 2023

The Frankfurt Pavilion by schneider+schumacher is one of the prize winners

28.02.2023 - Notes

On-site at FAIR

Behind-the-scenes glimpse of the vast construction site features in the Tagesthemen TV news programme and in a photo documentation project by Kirsten Bucher and Norbert Miguletz

27.02.2023 - Publications

Both cartoon and moving image

The iconic Siegerland Motorway Church

23.02.2023 - Notes

Breaking ground ceremony in Wildgarten

The project, planned by schneider+schumacher Vienna, is the first of its kind in the world to create two buildings with eight full storeys in a monolithic brick construction with integrated thermal insulation.

23.02.2023 - Exhibitions

We’re at MIPIM

From 14–17 March at stand R.7.G38/19 in the German Pavilion

31.01.2023 - Notes

News from the capital

schneider+schumacher opens a branch office in Berlin

30.01.2023 - Lectures

How do we actually work now?

Lecture by Nina Delius, partner at schneider+schumacher, at the Ambiente trade fair on 4 February

30.01.2023 - Awards

Green Valley

schneider+schumacher delivers winning design for three high-rise buildings in Jinhua, China

23.01.2023 - Notes

Everything under one red roof

65 owner-occupied flats in the "Schöneck 13" complex are now complete. They were commissioned by BUWOG Group GmbH and planned by schneider+schumacher Vienna

22.12.2022 - Notes

10 years of schneider+schumacher in China

10th anniversary celebrated in Shenzhen with an exhibition and accompanying discussion panel

Bild 1A-V3afphoto
21.12.2022 - Publications

Interview on the topic of transforming buildings

Astrid Wuttke, partner at schneider+schumacher, talks about sustainable building in hr-iNFO Kultur podcast and in Capital, the business magazine

12.12.2022 - Publications

Architecture Yearbook 22/23

44 examples of contemporary building culture in Germany - including the PANDION DOXX

30.11.2022 - Notes

amedes – Competence Centre

Structural frame completed at offices designed by schneider+schumacher

24.11.2022 - Notes

New Frankfurt: New ways of thinking

Astrid Wuttke, partner at schneider+schumacher, newly appointed as chair of the ernst-may-gesellschaft (Ernst May Society)

16.11.2022 - Lectures

"When too perfect, lieber Gott böse"

Lecture by Prof. Michael Schumacher on 8 December at ARCHITECT@WORK in Frankfurt 

08.11.2022 - Awards

Urban diversity

2nd prize for schneider+schumacher in Rümelinstrasse 32 + 38 competition in Stuttgart

31.10.2022 - Notes

Art installation at the Instituto Cervantes

Alicia Martín’s Whirl on the Spanish wall

31.10.2022 - Notes

Increasing the density: Residential accommodation in former bunker

14 subsidised flats to be built in Frankfurt-Heddernheim

19.10.2022 - Awards

Lower Saxony Timber Construction Award 2022

The ZELUBA Centre, designed by schneider+schumacher and DGI Bauwerk, has reached the final round

19.10.2022 - Notes

Frankfurt Pavilion celebrates its comeback

at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2022 (19 to 23 October)

04.10.2022 - Lectures

Desion: Parametric digital printing on glass

Lecture by Prof. Andreas Fuchs (FAT LAB) and Till Schneider at the Dialogue on Facade Planning on 18 October

21.09.2022 - Exhibitions

Now, Near, Next

Digital exhibition of Network Architekturexport (NAX) launched

20.09.2022 - Exhibitions

Nothing New - Better Building with Existing Buildings

schneider+schumacher study for the Juridicum building in Frankfurt forms part of the exhibition at German Architecture Museum (DAM)

30.08.2022 - Notes

Quarter 17

New graphic renderings of residential buildings planned by schneider+schumacher in Graz Reininghaus

18.08.2022 - Awards

Aerogel Architecture Award 2022

First prize for Mathildenhöhe exhibition building refurbishment

02.08.2022 - Notes

84 new apartments in Vienna

In the Oase 22+ development area two residential buildings planned by schneider+schumacher have been completed

27.07.2022 - Notes

High Rise Cinema at Frankfurt’s Parks Department

11, 12 & 13 August

27.07.2022 - Awards

Nominations for DAM Prize for Architecture

PANDION DOXX and North Vocational Training Centre canteen both long-listed

26.07.2022 - Publications

News from the TCC

The world's first high-rise data center has already reached a height of 18 floors and has been cited in numerous publications

13.07.2022 - Awards

Recognition award for schneider+schumacher

in competition to redesign Bismarckstrasse in Offenbach am Main

30.06.2022 - Notes

Lakeside living in Klagenfurt

Completion of 150 high-end residential apartments for sale ­– designed by schneider+schumacher

27.06.2022 - Publications

A book on Frankfurt’s Wolkenfoyer

Including a contribution by Astrid Wuttke, partner at schneider+schumacher, explaining the significance of transforming Frankfurt’s Städtische Bühnen, the city’s double opera and theatre complex

31.05.2022 - Notes

Double high-rise building on the Jinjiang River

schneider+schumacher wins competition in Chengdu, China

31.05.2022 - Lectures

Design is never neutral

Festival of the European Commission's "New European Bauhaus" from June 9 to 12 including a lecture by Michael Schumacher

25.05.2022 - Notes

Exemplary Building in Mannheim

At the Study and Conference Center of Mannheim Business School, designed by schneider+schumacher, the plaque is now sparkling

17.05.2022 - Exhibitions

Architecture Day 2022

The PANDION DOXX and the Kaiserslautern district administration offices are two schneider+schumacher projects you can visit during the last weekend in June

16.05.2022 - Notes

Construction work commences at the amedes Competence Center in Göttingen

schneider+schumacher took over planning of office building

28.04.2022 - Notes

New canteen at Vocational Training Centre North

schneider+schumacher Bau- und Projektmanagement GmbH has been coordinating and supervising the implementation of a new building planned by wulf architekten

27.04.2022 - Lectures

"Almost done"

Presentation of photos and discussion about the redevelopment of the Mathildenhöhe at 19:30 on May 3 in the Literaturhaus Darmstadt

27.04.2022 - Lectures

Form follows beam: FAIR Accelerator Facility

Presentation by Kai Otto, partner at schneider+schumacher, and Andreas Schneider, authorized signatory at DGI Bauwerk, at the Laborrunde Symposium on June 2 in Berlin

26.04.2022 - Awards

New Medical Clinic in Tübingen

Recognition awarded for joint design by schneider+schumacher and GINA Barcelona

30.03.2022 - Notes

News from the FAIR construction site

Technical fit-out commences in the first tunnel section

22.03.2022 - Awards

Darmstadt's new district: The Ludwigshöhviertel (B2 and B3)

schneider+schumacher produces winning designs for construction sites B2 and B3

22.03.2022 - Awards

Darmstadt's new district: The Ludwigshöhviertel (E1 to E3)

schneider+schumacher delivers winning designs for construction sites E1 to E3

15.03.2022 - Notes

Major construction sites in Shenzhen

Three buildings designed by schneider+schumacher are currently soaring upwards in the Chinese city of Shenzhen

23.02.2022 - Exhibitions

schneider+schumacher at MIPIM

From 15 to 18 March at stand R.7.G38/19 in the German Pavilion                                         

22.02.2022 - Notes

10 years of the Garden Wing extension at the Städel

A shining jewel by day, a carpet of light by night

15.02.2022 - Notes

Autobahn Church Siegerland illuminated in blue

on the occasion of International Angelman Day on 15 February

10.02.2022 - Awards

Recognition award for schneider+schumacher

in competition for purpose-built building in Mannheim for Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH

31.01.2022 - Notes

An Open Technical Town Hall

New Technical Town Hall Mannheim offers 700 employees a new place to work

26.01.2022 - Publications

Transforming world heritage

Astrid Wuttke, partner at schneider+schumacher, has written an article about the transformation of Darmstadt's Mathildenhöhe

26.01.2022 - Lectures

Brick Bauhaus 2050: The future begins today

Lecture by Johann Marchner and Eckehart Loidolt at the architecture festival TURN ON, March 4, 2022.

21.12.2021 - Publications

New Guide to Architecture

… describing significant buildings in the Rhine-Neckar region including New Technical City Hall in Mannheim and Mannheim Business School Study and Conference Centre

21.12.2021 - Publications

Siegerland Motorway Church

Culture magazine ‘Scala’ on Radio WDR 5 interviews Michael Schumacher about the Siegerland Motorway Church

12.12.2021 - Awards

Competition for Millennium site decided

schneider+schumacher awarded commendation

30.11.2021 - Notes

Completion of PANDION DOXX at Mainz Customs Port

A total of 168 apartments with underground parking have been created in a golden shimmering building based on a double-X plan

29.11.2021 - Lectures

Podcast “Flurfunk”

Nina Delius and Kai Otto discuss the topic: "More productivity with beanbags?" in episode 3 of ‘Flurfunk’, the podcast about the future of work produced by the Randstad Stiftung

26.11.2021 - Lectures

All on green

Available online: Joachim Wendt's presentation at the 6th Dialogue on Facade Planning

25.11.2021 - Lectures

The fifth facade

The recorded livestream of Astrid Wuttke's lecture on the glass roof structure at the Mathildenhöhe exhibition building is now online

24.11.2021 - Notes

Construction site news from Shenzhen

New photos of Shenfang Park and Qianhai Telecommunication Center construction sites

15.11.2021 - Awards

Award for Prisma

German Design Awards 2022 honours Prisma, the walk-in sculpture by schneider+schumacher

28.10.2021 - Exhibitions

The architecture of data centres

The exhibition ‘Power House’ explores this topic at the Roca London Gallery from 3 November 2021 – 28 February 2022.

14.10.2021 - Lectures

Sino-German City Lab

Joachim Wendt, a partner at schneider+schumacher is interviewed about planning and building in China

30.09.2021 - Lectures

Save the date!

Three talks by schneider+schumacher to put in your calendar

29.09.2021 - Notes

German Romanticism Museum opened

schneider+schumacher Bau- und Projektmanagement GmbH responsible for project phases 6-9

27.09.2021 - Publications

An interview with Michael Schumacher

... who talks about the aesthetics of infrastructure buildings in the business magazine ‘FAZ Metropol’, and cost-effective construction in the podcast ‘hr-iNFO Wirtschaft’.

27.09.2021 - Notes

Good architecture for good deeds

Plan helps children - we help Plan. schneider+schumacher supports the LEAD programme of Plan International Germany

30.08.2021 - Notes

Residential projects in Austria

Six current schneider+schumacher projects will create more than 800 residential units

30.08.2021 - Notes

Zhaolian office tower

Further milestone reached with basement roof slab

27.08.2021 - Notes

Green Sauce Festival opens

schneider+schumacher supports organisers with green wall design

24.08.2021 - Awards

Iconic Awards 2021

Shenfang Park and the Justice Center: two projects by schneider+schumacher receive awards

24.07.2021 - Notes

Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt designated UNESCO World Heritage Site

schneider+schumacher responsible for exhibition building refurbishment

22.07.2021 - Notes

Topping-out ceremony at Bernreiterplatz

‘Schöneck 13’ in Vienna: building shell and roof structure completed

05.07.2021 - Awards

World Architecture Festival Awards

Shenzhen Qianhai Telecommunication Center by schneider+schumacher wins WAFX Award in Digital Technology category