22.12.2022 - Notes

10 years of schneider+schumacher in China

10th anniversary celebrated in Shenzhen with an exhibition and accompanying discussion panel

Bild 1A-V3afphoto
21.12.2022 - Publications

Interview on the topic of transforming buildings

Astrid Wuttke, partner at schneider+schumacher, talks about sustainable building in hr-iNFO Kultur podcast and in Capital, the business magazine

12.12.2022 - Publications

Architecture Yearbook 22/23

44 examples of contemporary building culture in Germany - including the PANDION DOXX

30.11.2022 - Notes

amedes – Competence Centre

Structural frame completed at offices designed by schneider+schumacher

24.11.2022 - Notes

New Frankfurt: New ways of thinking

Astrid Wuttke, partner at schneider+schumacher, newly appointed as chair of the ernst-may-gesellschaft (Ernst May Society)

16.11.2022 - Lectures

"When too perfect, lieber Gott böse"

Lecture by Prof. Michael Schumacher on 8 December at ARCHITECT@WORK in Frankfurt 

08.11.2022 - Awards

Urban diversity

2nd prize for schneider+schumacher in Rümelinstrasse 32 + 38 competition in Stuttgart

31.10.2022 - Notes

Art installation at the Instituto Cervantes

Alicia Martín’s Whirl on the Spanish wall

31.10.2022 - Notes

Increasing the density: Residential accommodation in former bunker

14 subsidised flats to be built in Frankfurt-Heddernheim

19.10.2022 - Awards

Lower Saxony Timber Construction Award 2022

The ZELUBA Centre, designed by schneider+schumacher and DGI Bauwerk, has reached the final round

19.10.2022 - Notes

Frankfurt Pavilion celebrates its comeback

at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2022 (19 to 23 October)

04.10.2022 - Lectures

Desion: Parametric digital printing on glass

Lecture by Prof. Andreas Fuchs (FAT LAB) and Till Schneider at the Dialogue on Facade Planning on 18 October

21.09.2022 - Exhibitions

Now, Near, Next

Digital exhibition of Network Architekturexport (NAX) launched

20.09.2022 - Exhibitions

Nothing New - Better Building with Existing Buildings

schneider+schumacher study for the Juridicum building in Frankfurt forms part of the exhibition at German Architecture Museum (DAM)

30.08.2022 - Notes

Quarter 17

New graphic renderings of residential buildings planned by schneider+schumacher in Graz Reininghaus

18.08.2022 - Awards

Aerogel Architecture Award 2022

First prize for Mathildenhöhe exhibition building refurbishment

02.08.2022 - Notes

84 new apartments in Vienna

In the Oase 22+ development area two residential buildings planned by schneider+schumacher have been completed

27.07.2022 - Notes

High Rise Cinema at Frankfurt’s Parks Department

11, 12 & 13 August

27.07.2022 - Awards

Nominations for DAM Prize for Architecture

PANDION DOXX and North Vocational Training Centre canteen both long-listed

26.07.2022 - Publications

News from the TCC

The world's first high-rise data center has already reached a height of 18 floors and has been cited in numerous publications

13.07.2022 - Awards

Recognition award for schneider+schumacher

in competition to redesign Bismarckstrasse in Offenbach am Main

30.06.2022 - Notes

Lakeside living in Klagenfurt

Completion of 150 high-end residential apartments for sale ­– designed by schneider+schumacher

27.06.2022 - Publications

A book on Frankfurt’s Wolkenfoyer

Including a contribution by Astrid Wuttke, partner at schneider+schumacher, explaining the significance of transforming Frankfurt’s Städtische Bühnen, the city’s double opera and theatre complex

31.05.2022 - Notes

Double high-rise building on the Jinjiang River

schneider+schumacher wins competition in Chengdu, China

31.05.2022 - Lectures

Design is never neutral

Festival of the European Commission's "New European Bauhaus" from June 9 to 12 including a lecture by Michael Schumacher

25.05.2022 - Notes

Exemplary Building in Mannheim

At the Study and Conference Center of Mannheim Business School, designed by schneider+schumacher, the plaque is now sparkling

17.05.2022 - Exhibitions

Architecture Day 2022

The PANDION DOXX and the Kaiserslautern district administration offices are two schneider+schumacher projects you can visit during the last weekend in June

16.05.2022 - Notes

Construction work commences at the amedes Competence Center in Göttingen

schneider+schumacher took over planning of office building

28.04.2022 - Notes

New canteen at Vocational Training Centre North

schneider+schumacher Bau- und Projektmanagement GmbH has been coordinating and supervising the implementation of a new building planned by wulf architekten

27.04.2022 - Lectures

"Almost done"

Presentation of photos and discussion about the redevelopment of the Mathildenhöhe at 19:30 on May 3 in the Literaturhaus Darmstadt

27.04.2022 - Lectures

Form follows beam: FAIR Accelerator Facility

Presentation by Kai Otto, partner at schneider+schumacher, and Andreas Schneider, authorized signatory at DGI Bauwerk, at the Laborrunde Symposium on June 2 in Berlin

26.04.2022 - Awards

New Medical Clinic in Tübingen

Recognition awarded for joint design by schneider+schumacher and GINA Barcelona

30.03.2022 - Notes

News from the FAIR construction site

Technical fit-out commences in the first tunnel section

22.03.2022 - Awards

Darmstadt's new district: The Ludwigshöhviertel (B2 and B3)

schneider+schumacher produces winning designs for construction sites B2 and B3

22.03.2022 - Awards

Darmstadt's new district: The Ludwigshöhviertel (E1 to E3)

schneider+schumacher delivers winning designs for construction sites E1 to E3

15.03.2022 - Notes

Major construction sites in Shenzhen

Three buildings designed by schneider+schumacher are currently soaring upwards in the Chinese city of Shenzhen

23.02.2022 - Exhibitions

schneider+schumacher at MIPIM

From 15 to 18 March at stand R.7.G38/19 in the German Pavilion                                         

22.02.2022 - Notes

10 years of the Garden Wing extension at the Städel

A shining jewel by day, a carpet of light by night

15.02.2022 - Notes

Autobahn Church Siegerland illuminated in blue

on the occasion of International Angelman Day on 15 February

10.02.2022 - Awards

Recognition award for schneider+schumacher

in competition for purpose-built building in Mannheim for Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH

31.01.2022 - Notes

An Open Technical Town Hall

New Technical Town Hall Mannheim offers 700 employees a new place to work

26.01.2022 - Publications

Transforming world heritage

Astrid Wuttke, partner at schneider+schumacher, has written an article about the transformation of Darmstadt's Mathildenhöhe

26.01.2022 - Lectures

Brick Bauhaus 2050: The future begins today

Lecture by Johann Marchner and Eckehart Loidolt at the architecture festival TURN ON, March 4, 2022.

21.12.2021 - Publications

New Guide to Architecture

… describing significant buildings in the Rhine-Neckar region including New Technical City Hall in Mannheim and Mannheim Business School Study and Conference Centre

21.12.2021 - Publications

Siegerland Motorway Church

Culture magazine ‘Scala’ on Radio WDR 5 interviews Michael Schumacher about the Siegerland Motorway Church

12.12.2021 - Awards

Competition for Millennium site decided

schneider+schumacher awarded commendation

30.11.2021 - Notes

Completion of PANDION DOXX at Mainz Customs Port

A total of 168 apartments with underground parking have been created in a golden shimmering building based on a double-X plan

29.11.2021 - Lectures

Podcast “Flurfunk”

Nina Delius and Kai Otto discuss the topic: "More productivity with beanbags?" in episode 3 of ‘Flurfunk’, the podcast about the future of work produced by the Randstad Stiftung

26.11.2021 - Lectures

All on green

Available online: Joachim Wendt's presentation at the 6th Dialogue on Facade Planning

25.11.2021 - Lectures

The fifth facade

The recorded livestream of Astrid Wuttke's lecture on the glass roof structure at the Mathildenhöhe exhibition building is now online

24.11.2021 - Notes

Construction site news from Shenzhen

New photos of Shenfang Park and Qianhai Telecommunication Center construction sites

15.11.2021 - Awards

Award for Prisma

German Design Awards 2022 honours Prisma, the walk-in sculpture by schneider+schumacher

28.10.2021 - Exhibitions

The architecture of data centres

The exhibition ‘Power House’ explores this topic at the Roca London Gallery from 3 November 2021 – 28 February 2022.

14.10.2021 - Lectures

Sino-German City Lab

Joachim Wendt, a partner at schneider+schumacher is interviewed about planning and building in China

30.09.2021 - Lectures

Save the date!

Three talks by schneider+schumacher to put in your calendar

29.09.2021 - Notes

German Romanticism Museum opened

schneider+schumacher Bau- und Projektmanagement GmbH responsible for project phases 6-9

27.09.2021 - Publications

An interview with Michael Schumacher

... who talks about the aesthetics of infrastructure buildings in the business magazine ‘FAZ Metropol’, and cost-effective construction in the podcast ‘hr-iNFO Wirtschaft’.

27.09.2021 - Notes

Good architecture for good deeds

Plan helps children - we help Plan. schneider+schumacher supports the LEAD programme of Plan International Germany

30.08.2021 - Notes

Residential projects in Austria

Six current schneider+schumacher projects will create more than 800 residential units

30.08.2021 - Notes

Zhaolian office tower

Further milestone reached with basement roof slab

27.08.2021 - Notes

Green Sauce Festival opens

schneider+schumacher supports organisers with green wall design

24.08.2021 - Awards

Iconic Awards 2021

Shenfang Park and the Justice Center: two projects by schneider+schumacher receive awards

24.07.2021 - Notes

Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt designated UNESCO World Heritage Site

schneider+schumacher responsible for exhibition building refurbishment

22.07.2021 - Notes

Topping-out ceremony at Bernreiterplatz

‘Schöneck 13’ in Vienna: building shell and roof structure completed

05.07.2021 - Awards

World Architecture Festival Awards

Shenzhen Qianhai Telecommunication Center by schneider+schumacher wins WAFX Award in Digital Technology category

05.07.2021 - Notes

Sending a strong signal for culture

Think globally, act locally: schneider+schumacher supports vertical herb garden for Frankfurt's Green Sauce Festival 2021

30.06.2021 - Awards

New building for Waldau Open School

Design by schneider+schumacher wins 2nd prize

29.06.2021 - Notes

New in the management team

Sabine Plagemann becomes a member of the management team at schneider+schumacher Städtebau GmbH

29.06.2021 - Notes

Milestone reached on FAIR construction site

Structural work for the underground accelerator ring now completed

17.06.2021 - Notes

New research building ZELUBA

Researchers at the Fraunhofer WKI move into a new building that combines hybrid and sustainable building systems, designed by DGI Bauwerk and schneider+schumacher.

15.06.2021 - Exhibitions

News from the tiny Info-Box

June 26 marks launch of the tinyBE exhibition project – Living in a Sculpture. The tiny Info-Box by schneider+schumacher has been providing information about this project since November 2020.

01.06.2021 - Awards

Accolade for motorway service area module

schneider+schumacher designs modular building for unmanned motorway service area

31.05.2021 - Notes

Museum Reinhard Ernst: construction work to building shell completed

schneider+schumacher is acting as general planner for the museum building

28.05.2021 - Notes

Qianhai Telecommunication Center

New video offers digital tour of the world's first high-rise data center

27.05.2021 - Notes

Tag der Architektur 2021

schneider+schumacher participates in “Tag der Architektur" (Architecture Day) with its Zeluba and ABG residential building projects

06.05.2021 - Awards

Design Educates Awards 2021

Double whammy: Prisma space sculpture and Frankfurt Pavilion win awards

30.04.2021 - Notes

Building transformation at Kassel University

Astrid Wuttke, a partner at schneider+schumacher, and Prof Philipp Oswalt together supervise 2021 summer semester design project tackling ‘Building transformation at Frankfurt’s opera and theatre complex’

29.04.2021 - Awards

Award-winning projects in Shenzhen

Qianhai Telecommunication Center and Shenfang Park research building win over the jury at the Rethinking the Future Awards 2021

28.04.2021 - Awards

Living close to nature on the Hoepfner site

schneider+schumacher delivers winning design for apartment buildings in Karlsruhe

21.04.2021 - Awards

New building for Ortenau Clinic

In an urban planning ideas competition, schneider+schumacher and GINA Barcelona have been awarded 3rd prize

25.03.2021 - Notes

PANDION DOXX is starting to gleam

Building developer Pandion AG produces a site video of the project designed by schneider+schumacher together with bb22

24.03.2021 - Notes

Online test in spatial perception

The Department of Psychology at Humboldt University in Berlin and schneider+schumacher have teamed up to devise a test to probe people’s ability to rotate images in their mind’s eye

24.03.2021 - Notes

Kinetic architecture

Seven rotating sculptures reveal “new move”

02.03.2021 - Notes

Zeros and ones at the world’s first highrise data center

Modular facade at Qianhai Telecommunication Center begins to take shape

25.02.2021 - Notes

Shenzhen Finance Culture Center

Video elucidates schneider+schumacher’s design

24.02.2021 - Notes

Zögernitz Residence in Vienna

Next to Casino Zögernitz, a heritage listed building, high-end apartments have been erected – planned by schneider+schumacher

24.02.2021 - Awards

Transparent and slender

Third prize in competition for a new connecting bridge at Karlsruhe’s municipal hospital, the Städtisches Klinikum

12.02.2021 - Notes

Chinese New Year

… and three on-going building sites in Shenzhen by schneider+schumacher

28.01.2021 - Awards

Neckarbogen: Phase 2 construction

schneider+schumacher wins investor selection process to design innovative flats for families

28.01.2021 - Notes

Building sustainably

schneider+schumacher participates in "Sustainability Phase" initiative

28.01.2021 - Awards

2nd prize in GIZ Campus competition

for schneider+schumacher’s design

25.01.2021 - Notes

schneider+schumacher repositions itself

New partners from our own ranks and the new company "Building Transformation"

21.12.2020 - Awards

Competition winning “Wohnquartett“

BPD – bouwfonds property development – together with schneider+schumacher Vienna

21.12.2020 - Notes

New Technical Town Hall Mannheim completed

Designed by schneider+schumacher as an open and transparent administrative building

07.12.2020 - Notes

German architectural offices in China

In a video by Netzwerk Architekturexport (NAX), Joachim Wendt, managing director at schneider+schumacher, and others, talk about working in China

01.12.2020 - Lectures

Dean’s Honorary Lecture with Sir Peter Cook

Organised by the Städelschule Architecture Class (SAC) and sponsored by schneider+schumacher

25.11.2020 - Lectures

From half-timbered house to high-rise and back again?

Joachim Wendt, managing director at schneider+schumacher, speaks at the Strassen-Uni (Street University) and takes an urban and architectural look at Frankfurt

24.11.2020 - Lectures

The Future of Frankfurt’s Municipal Theatres

Astrid Wuttke, member of the management board of schneider+schumacher, describes the results of the validation report and why it is important to emphasise the aspect of building continuity

16.11.2020 - Lectures

JUNG Lectures for the DAM Prize 2020

Staircases have to go on the outside: Video lecture by Prof. Michael Schumacher on the ABG pilot project for low-cost housing construction

05.11.2020 - Exhibitions

Tiny Info-Box

Third Info-Box in the history of schneider+schumacher announces tinyBE exhibition in Frankfurt's Metzler Park