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schneider+schumacher is an international architectural practice with offices in Frankfurt, Vienna, Tianjin and Shenzhen. Simplicity and perfection. Discipline and creativity. Economy and memorable images. We see these not as paradoxes, but as the constituent parts of great architecture – elements that generate buildings where people feel comfortable, and with which they can identify.



Our architecture is characterised by the enjoyment we have in finding solutions to today’s highly complex demands. We ensure our buildings fit into their surroundings, yet we also create landmarks. With an approach we call ‘poetic pragmatism’, we conscientiously design buildings to fulfil the brief and we aim not only for lucidity but take a delight in fine details too.


Building and project management


With a high degree of design competence we undertake the execution of new buildings as well as refurbishment and modernisation projects, and we also take on building maintenance. The scope of our work covers detailed design, tendering, awarding of contracts, site supervision and site management, as well as quality control, plus scheduling and cost control.


Design & Computation


These days, building design encompasses more than just drawing up plans and making models. We digitalise planning-relevant parameters - using building information modelling (BIM) - to generate solutions that then help to determine shape. We employ this same approach in product design as well as when planning and executing architectural and urban development projects.


Urban Design


Today, worldwide, many more people live in cities than in the countryside. Our response to this dynamic demographic change is sustainable development. In terms of urban architecture we need to adopt a holistic approach to both generate and implement appropriate strategies. With this in mind, our ultimate ambition is to create highly attractive urban landscape and spaces.


Building Transformation


We adapt existing buildings to changing requirements with a view to creating future-oriented, sustainable development. Building transformation involves much more than simply preserving existing building stock. It means approaching the built environment with both respect and courage, recognising potential and using our skills to come up with individual, distinctive, new and original solutions.


Latest News

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Pragmatism and poetry is applied consistently over a wide range of projects

Since our foundation more than 30 years ago we have created over 100 buildings and urban development projects and designed numerous products. Our portfolio ranges from residential projects to industrial buildings, from motorway churches to high-rise buildings, and from museums to particle accelerators.

Great architecture generates a positive atmosphere and encourages reflection.

Joachim Wendt

staff members

An international interdisciplinary team forms the core of our Frankfurt office. Founded in 1988, schneider+schumacher’s headquarters and largest office is located in Frankfurt. All our administrative services are based here, including our PR department.

Job opportunities

We are always happy to welcome ambitious and open-minded new employees and interns (m/f/d)

Architecture is about connections

Our architecture is not subject to any stylistic dogma. Our design strategy is to come up with a highly original solution based on the specific requirements of the project. Underlying our architecture is an ambition to combine what is feasible with a quality that is inherently poetic - we like to call this ‘poetic pragmatism’.

s+s fanshop

Clara’s Treehouse
A tiny but iconic landmark for the garden provides delight across the generations. Fabricated by Schreinerei Hein.
An innovative and timeless lamp. Developed by schneider+schumacher. Manufactured by Regent.
s+s 30
This book, produced on the occasion of our 30th anniversary, presents past and future projects originating from our Frankfurt office.
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