Autobahn Church Siegerland, 2013

Furniture store Neuhaus, 1989.

Architecture is relation

Designing is team work. Ideas of clients and partners are equally important - already in the brainstorming at the beginning of the design process.

roof hatch stairs, in the 1980s

Skyscraper Till Schneider, Project 1988.

The Beginnings

The skyscraper by Till Schneider was designed in  1988 at the Städelschule, in the class of Peter Cook.

Community bath by Michael Schumacher, Kassel 1986.

Metamorphose of a digger

On the ex-site of the tycoon Henschel Michael Schumacher designed a community pool during his time in the class of Peter Cook at the Städelschule. To keep the mystery of the landscape the whole bath is underground. The form of the bath derives from the digger movement.

Time and Change

With reflective road sign paint the projection of a window cast was traced onto the floor. In doing so, they captured the sun's path on the longest day of the year.

Keeping track of the whole

Giovanni Battista Nolli, Rom 1748.



The Info-Box at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin and Tim Ahlswede's view on it.

Poetry might arise by chance

Model study for the inner organisation of the KPMG building Leipzig.

Model making



The Bugatti wreck, Lago Maggiore.

Authenticity and truth

Typically Frankfurt:Green sauce