The Siegerland motorway church 10 years on

29.06.2023 - Notes

At the beginning of June, the Siegerland Motorway Church celebrated its 10th birthday. Open 24 hours a day, for many people it represents a peaceful place and an encounter with God. Meanwhile, the 15th visitors’ book is currently on display in the centre of the church.


At the invitation of the Friend’s sponsoring association, around 180 guests attended an ecumenical thanksgiving service, followed by a party in a marquee. During the round-table discussion looking back at the church’s history, Michael Schumacher emphasised the special significance that this project – despite its small size – has both for him personally, and for schneider+schumacher. In an interview with Radio Siegen, Ute Pohl reported in detail on the history of the project.


To mark the 10th anniversary, the church has now been recreated and reduced to a seven-hundredth of its original size. The result is a model in miniature – a collector’s item for architecture lovers. For those interested please contact:

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