Shining Examples

Frankfurt am Main, 2004

Frankfurts Westhafen is a popular destination for a day or night out, particularly at the weekend. A public room that enjoyed the benefit of charming views of the city and of the harbor has opened up on the ground floor of Westhafen-Brückengebäude.

Use was made of the fact that the room can be looked into easily for a temporary light/room installation.

Not the room was illuminated, but the guests. The framework was supplied by a temporary bar. When the guests arrived they were provided with white painters overalls. Black light lighting then transformed them into light sources, with their movements and interaction making for constant change.

Although to people outside the overall impression was basically determined by the group as a whole, the individual visitors were very much aware of their significance as an important part of the happening and thus automatically assumed the roles of shining examples.

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Typology: Design/Object
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