Aerogel Architecture Award 2022

18.08.2022 - Notes

The Mathildenhöhe exhibition building in Darmstadt, currently in the final stages of refurbishment by schneider+schumacher, has been awarded first prize in the Swiss Aerogel Architecture Award 2022 for the exemplary use of aerogel products in architectural projects. The awarding body is Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology.

The quality of the outer shell has been significantly improved by the application of very high-performance mineral aerogel insulating plaster on the outer façade. Since only temporary exhibitions are held in the exhibition building, it was essential that the internal surface of the exterior walls used for hanging exhibitions should remain entirely flexible, rather than potentially restricted by interior wall insulation. Nevertheless, in terms of energy, it was essential to upgrade the exterior walls in order to be able to keep the heating and ventilation system technology to a minimum. The colour scheme – a light earthy grey tone – was based on the original appearance of the building.

Jury member Matthias Koebel commented: “We were extremely impressed by how this historic building has been updated to comply with current energy standards with the help of aerogel, among other things. From our point of view, this is the first time that such a large building has been renovated in this way.”

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