Brick Bauhaus 2050: The future begins today

26.01.2022 - Notes

At the architecture festival ‘Turn On’, from 3 to 5 March 2022 in Vienna, there will be non-stop lectures – also available via livestream. The focus will be on new, innovative aspects of building. Admission is free.

On Friday, March 4, attention will be focussed on innovative building that employs materials such as wood, concrete, steel, aluminium and brick as traditional structural building blocks. This is where Johann Marchner, the managing director of brick manufacturer Wienerberger and Eckehart Loidolt, a partner at schneider+schumacher Vienna come in. In their presentation “Brick Bauhaus 2050: The future begins today”, they will elucidate the new construction standard for brick structures of up to eight storeys, which will help to simplify the jungle of building norms. Modern residential apartments have to provide healthy living spaces and high degree of comfort and physical wellbeing for occupants, while also meeting the criteria for sustainability. The project “Wildgarten – Wohnen am Rosenhügel” demonstrates how this can be all be achieved. Planned by schneider+schumacher, it comprises 14 buildings in monolithic brick construction with different floor heights and a total of 157 apartments.

The festival was founded in 2003 by Margit Ulama, an independent expert advising on nominations for the Mies van der Rohe Award, and it has been held annually since then. For more info and the complete programme, visit

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