The Wild Garden - Residing on Rosenhügel

Vienna, 2020
Residential buildings
Competition 1st Prize

An urban residential project development in Vienna’s 12th district is underway – the so-called ‘Wildgarten – Wohnen am Rosenhügel’. By 2024 it will offer some 1,100 apartments. For site plots 5 and 7 schneider+schumacher have designed 14 buildings constructed from durable, ecological materials, which will create blocks of various heights and a total of 157 apartments.


All five block types will be constructed in monolithic brickwork. This gives each of the 14 blocks their own identity and a robust, structural, and highly textural quality. Other design elements include wooden-aluminium windows with external venetian blinds set in galvanized steel frames, plus balcony railings supporting metalwork pergolas.


In close cooperation with the brick manufacturer Wienerberger, the world’s first two buildings with eight full storeys are being built in monolithic brick construction with integrated thermal insulation, in which the supporting structure above ground is made entirely of ceramic brickwork.

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Typology: Residential buildings
Office: Wien
Client: ARE Austrian Real Estate Development GmbH
Project architect: Eckehart Loidolt
Team: Céline Kulik, Lara Lübke, Sophie Reissmann, Lina Siostrzonek, Michael Gangelmayer
Gross floor area: 12.477 m²
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