In hotel design the aim is to create a place where visitors feel safe and comfortable. Imaginative design, interesting spaces, theatrical experiences... for many travellers nowadays, hotels have become a destination in their own right. Often it is a question of finding a happy medium between respecting the hotel chain’s corporate identity and producing a distinctive design to suit the particular location. Hotel design offers an exciting domain in which new concepts can be put to the test.

Estrel Tower

As long as towers have existed, aside from the structural challenges they pose, their shape has been determined by ambitious sculptural design because such landmarks are visible far beyond the area of their actual “footprint”. The proximity of the existing hotel plus an internal connection led us to adopt its prismatic appearance and to reinterpret it creatively. The hotel lobby faces onto both Sonnenallee and the square, and with its adjoining areas it dominates the storey fronting the square. Below, the restaurant opens onto the canal, sharing external space with the high-rise and the convention centre. A weather-protected connection between the convention centre, the hotel tower, and the existing hotel was achieved without disturbing any functional processes. Conference areas, the spa, and the ‘Wellnesscenter’ are located above the hotel lobby. Above this are office floors plus a housekeeping space serving the hotel floors. Right at the top are VIP rooms plus the Skylobby with a bar.
In the Estrel Tower Competition in Berlin, schneider+schumacher won 2nd prize.

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