Green Wall

Frankfurt am Main, 2021
Cultural buildings

In the summer of 2021 the first Grüne Soße Festival took place as an Open Air Festival on the Rossmarkt, a square in the centre of Frankfurt – under a 750m2 event tent. For the entrance area of this special location, schneider+schumacher supported the festival’s organisers in designing a green wall. It consisted of 108 Euro-pallets planted with herbs, forming a 45-metre-long and 4-metre-high living hoarding to promote more greenery in liveable cities.

The challenge was to find an appropriate system for the temporary installation that was easy to erect, would provide protection for the interior of the event location, allowed the herbs to be watered, and could eventually be recycled.

Individual 120cm x 80cm herb pallets were on sale from Grie Soß United, and after the festival could be used to green-up one’s own site, or donated to a school, day-care centre, or other social institution. Some of the pallets will be used, for example, in Silke Mühl’s school gardening project at Heinrich Seliger School.

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Client: Grie Soß United
Ansprechpartner: Maja Wolff
Project architect: Till Schneider, Astrid Wuttke
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