Space sculpture Prisma

Schorndorf, 2016 - 2019
Cultural buildings

The space sculpture “Prisma” represents schneider+schumacher’s contribution for the location Schorndorf, as part of the architectural project “16 Locations” at the Remstal Garden Show in 2019. The design focus is on the surrounding landscape of the Remstal valley and it creates – with its four points and six lines – an accessible space to discover, relax in, and from which one can gaze into the distance.

Amidst the linear structure of the vineyards, at the edge of the woodland, the prism – in the form of a tetrahedron – rises up as a timber construction covered by glued and laminated boarding. It takes two opposite points in the landscape as its reference: the horizontal opening is oriented towards the valley and the view towards the church in Schorndorf, and through the vertical opening, one sees the slope, the woods and the path.

The interior is accessed from the west side, initially hidden from visitors coming from the valley. The exterior and interior are conceived as contrasting opposites, both in their colour and materiality. The exterior of the space sculpture presents itself as a prominent landmark with a comparatively ordinary wooden shell, whereas the red finish of the interior generates warmth and intimacy. The interior lighting is achieved through the two openings, which focus the views of the landscape, emphasizing the perception of the framed sections.

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Service phases (HOAI): 1-8
Typology: Cultural buildings
Procurement documentation: Direct
Client: Remstal Gartenschau 2019 GmbH/Stadt Schorndorf
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