Picknick set PICNIC


Ordinary picnic sets are heavy and cumbersome. Not so this one: it is as flat and lightweight as possible. The whole 4-setting set is only 48.6 cm x 24.1 cm x 7.5 cm in size. Elastic straps fix the plates to the wooden carry plate, which has holes for the cups. Cutlery can be stored under the plates too, so that all parts protect each other.

After use all parts that might be soiled point inwards allowing a clean and easy trip home. The base element of the set is a 16 mm wooden board with a hole as a handle, four holes to hold the cups and two grooves on either side to fix the plates in position. The cutlery can be wrapped in napkins to prevent clattering and is placed between the cups, then covered by the plates. Thanks to the elastic straps fixing the plates to the board everything can be safely carried by its handle as one unit.

From may 4th until september 7th 2017 the picnic set PICNIC is part of the exhibition Picnic Time at the MAK.

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Typology: Design/Object
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