Green Valley

Jinhua, 2022 Ongoing project
Office/administration buildings, Residential/commercial buildings, Hotels

Three of the planned high-rise buildings in Jinhua Green Valley will be built according to designs by schneider+schumacher. The tallest of these towers will reach a height of 200 metres and house a hotel in the upper section and offices in the lower section. It will be framed by two 100-metre-high office buildings.


The design is characterised by a series of interlocking structures with projections and niches. By stacking and shifting volumes, the podium also creates diverse kinds of spaces. A system of skywalks connects the buildings. The hotel will have triple storey atriums, and hotel bedrooms and bathrooms will be naturally lit. Three lifts connect the ground floor reception with the sky lobby at a height of 200 metres. Various roof gardens provide a panoramic view of Jinhua’s mountains and rivers, and these features are also reflected on the facades of the high-rise buildings.


The city of Jinhua has around seven million inhabitants and is located in the southeast Chinese province of Zhejiang, some 300 kilometres south of Shanghai. The new area is located in Jinhua’s Central Innovation District. The aim is to anchor the expanding city district to the science and technology cluster Shanghai-Hangzhou-Jinhua on its southern flank.


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Typology: Office/administration buildings, Residential/commercial buildings, Hotels
Office: Tianjin und Shenzhen, Frankfurt und Berlin
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