Residential quartet

Heddesheim, 2020
Residential buildings
Competition 1st prize

For the new housing development “Mitten im Feld II” in the municipality of Heddesheim in the Rhine-Neckar district, schneider+schumacher Wien has designed four compact individual buildings which together form the “Wohnquartett” ensemble, grouped around a green communal space. The 72 residential units are all accessed centrally, from the heart of the district. This arrangement will bring life to the centre, create places to meet, and strengthen a sense of community. With their trapezoidal floor plan the four identical structures, each oriented differently through a 90-degree rotation, employ a highly economical gross-to-net floor area ratio. The rental apartments are to be 100% subsidised, and as a result this “Wohnquartett” will be creating affordable accommodation in the region.

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Office: Wien
Typology: Residential buildings
Service phases (HOAI): 1
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