Collini Center

Mannheim, 2020 - 2026
Residential/commercial buildings
Competition 1st Prize

Forty-five years on, Mannheim City Council is selling its administrative building, the Collini Center. The sale is due to take place following a concept award, which plans to upgrade and develop this urban area. The aim was to develop a high-quality and appropriate urban concept that takes into account the need for a fixed quota of low-cost rental apartments. In the course of a multi-stage competition and dialogue involving a specialist panel and extensive citizen participation, the competition entries were evaluated and the winning entry selected from seven proposed designs. Ultimately DEUTSCHE WOHNWERTE, a Heidelberg investor, won the selection process having submitted the best concept for the site with a design by schneider+schumacher.

A combination of sustainable urban development, innovative architecture and atmospheric open spaces underlies this well-defined arrangement of buildings, public space and semi-private garden courtyards. Four new wing-shaped structures – differentiated in height and each with individual architectural characteristics – react to the existing surrounding buildings and together form a new ensemble: the COLLINIS.

In redeveloping the Collini Center a huge new concept will be generated: a place that combines living, working, learning, leisure and relaxation alongside the river Neckar.

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Procurement documentation: Competition
Typology: Residential/commercial buildings
Project architect: Till Schneider, Christian Simons
Grounds: SINAI Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten
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