The Wild Garden - Residing on Rosenhügel

Vienna, 2020
Residential buildings
Competition 1st Prize

An urban residential project development in Vienna’s 12th district is underway – the so-called ‘Wildgarten – Wohnen am Rosenhügel’. By 2023 it will offer some 1,100 apartments. For site plots 5 and 7 schneider+schumacher have designed 14 buildings constructed from durable, ecological materials, which will create blocks of various heights and a total of 157 apartments.

All five block types will be constructed in monolithic brickwork. This gives each of the 14 blocks their own identity and a robust, structural, and highly textural quality. Other design elements include wooden-aluminium windows with external venetian blinds set in galvanized steel frames, plus balcony railings supporting metalwork pergolas.

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Typology: Residential buildings
Office: Wien
Client: ARE Austrian Real Estate Development GmbH
Project architect: Eckehart Loidolt
Team: Céline Kulik, Lara Lübke, Sophie Reissmann
Gross floor area: 12.477 m²
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