Mainz, 2017 - 2022
Residential/commercial buildings

A complex consisting of retail space, 177 partially subsidised apartments, plus a small proportion for commercial use – such as doctors’ surgeries and offices – is to be built on an approx. 11,300sqm plot of land in Mainz-Kastell.

Retail spaces on the ground floor will be accessible via a central mall, while a projecting arcade integrates other small-scale retail spaces into the overall design, accessed via the building exterior.

The building volume comprises a street-facing block with three entrances on Wiesbadener Strasse and six individual volumes located behind, facing the Rhine embankment park. Along Wiesbadener Strasse, two buildings are planned connected to a lower part of the building above the mall entrance, with five full storeys plus a set-back penthouse storey. The closed, yet clearly defined development along Wiesbadener Strasse reinforces this urban border at street level.

The six individual structures between the block development and the Rhine embankment park have been designed with staggered storeys facing the Rhine, so that – together with the park-like, intensively landscaped and terraced roof of the parking garage – they create a flowing connection between the Rhine embankment and the new residential quarter, in keeping with the scale of the neighbourhood.

These buildings are hexagonal in plan, and maximize the views towards the Rhine, both reinforcing the connection with the landscape and offering a high standard of living. The residential building volumes are further defined by curving banded horizontal elements that incorporate the balconies and lend the building complex a distinctive identity.

In cooperation with Dreissigacker Architekten BDA and Planungsbüro Lyson

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Client: RheingartenCentrum Eleonorenstraße GmbH & Co. KG
Land size: 11.300 qm
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