Shenfang Park

Research facilities
Competition 1st prize

A cooperation zone for innovation in science and technology is currently being established between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. One of the first buildings to emerge there will be a national centre for research and development, for which schneider+schumacher won first prize in an architectural competition. The competition brief called for a seminal design that would set the benchmark for all future development.

Located next to the river, this building complex designed by schneider+schumacher rises gradually from the embankment, forming a 120-metre-high office tower. The holistic design approach is representative of a new generation of research buildings that provide laboratories and offices, as well as exhibition areas, conference rooms, and leisure facilities where scientists can meet each other in informal surroundings.

A green landscaped courtyard will be created between two rows of glazed structures, each stacked higher and higher. Roof terraces on each level are a distinctive feature – offering views over the wetlands of Hong Kong on the far riverbank.

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Typology: Research facilities
Office: Tianjin und Shenzhen
Client: Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone Development Co., Ltd.
Gross floor area: 204.494m ²
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