Shenzhen, 2018 Ongoing project
Office/administration buildings
Competition 1st prize

Qianhai, the modern service zone in the southern Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen, has been under construction since 2010. schneider+schumacher has already built the Justice Center on a 14-hectare site in the metropolis. A further project there, the Qianhai Information Building, is also currently being planned.

Now the office has again won a competition for a building in Qianhai. The 180-metre high office tower is characterised by an austere façade, while the interior design expresses dynamism and communication. This reflects the essence of MUCFC, a young and aspiring financial services provider whose headquarters will be housed in the new building, and a subsidiary of China Merchants Bank and China Unicom.

The lower block opens onto the city with something that resembles a shop window. This is where the public areas and restaurants will be located, plus the staff area with a fitness centre, office canteen and conference rooms. The offices are placed above this block, which MUCFC shares with other tenants. The aim of the design was to provide a communicative, vertical office city. The atrium and the offset office levels offer visual links between the various departments inside the building. In place of individual cells, there are open-plan office spaces that can be divided through zoning.

In contrast to its stringent outer shell, the interior space is designed around the movement of people, creating organic forms. The interior of the Zhaolian Tower is thus animated.

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Office: Tianjin und Shenzhen
Client: MUCFC
Project architect: Michael Schumacher
Gross floor area: 75.000m²
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