Canalside Hamm

Hamm, 2018
Urban design

A design by schneider + schumacher and Carla Lo Landschaftsarchitekten has won 2nd prize in a limited urban competition entitled: " Canalside Hamm - Inner City 2030". The city of Hamm aims to open up the city centre towards the canal, developing commercial space and living on the waterfront.

schneider+schumacher and Carla Lo's concept closes the gap in the existing urban structure with new buildings close to the centre. A generously designed promenade provides a direct connection between the city centre and the new, open-structured district on the canal. The promenade is embedded in the existing park, catering for a juxtaposition of pedestrian and bicycle traffic. An open square, numerous green areas and a generously designed timber terrace facing onto the canal provide additional uses and bring people directly to the canalside.

Involved s+s unitsS

Technical details:

Procurement documentation: Competition
Client: Stadt Hamm
Project architect: Joachim Wendt, Gordan Dubokovic
Grounds: Carla Lo Landschaftsarchitektur
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