Technische Universität Darmstadt

Darmstadt, 2015
Research facilities, Schools/educational facilities, Listed buildings

Since its construction in the 1960s, the legendary institute building for architecture at Darmstadt Technical University, known for its special atmosphere, has been a place for many student generations to study and work. Now it is in need of thorough renovation.

The complex was the first building to be built on the "Lichtwiese" campus and it has listed building status, due to the special nature of the design - the so-called "Darmstadt building system".

Now it is time to remedy some shortcomings and problems, especially in the building shell, and to prepare the building for the next generation of architecture students, in keeping with its original concept and use.

schneider+schumacher, working as project planners, is responsible for the listed building refurbishment.

Involved s+s unitsAB

Technical details:

Service phases (HOAI): 2-8
Typology: Research facilities, Schools/educational facilities, Listed buildings
Procurement documentation: Freelance services procurement procedure (VOF)
Client: Technische Universität Darmstadt Dezernat V
Project architect: Kai Otto
Project manager: Rodolfo Tarulli
Construction management: schneider+schumacher Bau- und Projektmanagement GmbH
Lead construction manager: Maximilian Büschl, Ralf Seeburger
Team: Patricia Báscones, Anke Siegmund, Alexander Hirsch, Florian Mieden
Structural Engineering: Ingenieurbüro S+P GmbH
Building Services: KMG Ingenieurgesellschaft für Gebäude und Versorgungstechnik mbH
Fire Protection: Tichelmann & Barillas Ingenieure
Building physics: Ingenieurbüro S+P GmbH
Further companies: Schadstoffsanierung: IBKG - Ingenieurbüro Uwe Klodtka Betonsanierung: KuA-Consult, Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
Gross floor area: 21.200 m²
NGF: 18.500 m²
BRI: 83.000 m³
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