PANDION DOXX – Quayside Development at Mainz Customs Port

Mainz, 2015 - 2021
Urban design, Residential buildings
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The design proposal for the redevelopment of the quayside at Mainz customs port combines a myriad of requirements in one highly distinctively shaped building. DOXX is not simply a residential building with a portion devoted to commercial use. It will act as a pivotal project in remodelling this custom harbour area into an attractive and lively neighbourhood. The distinct shape of the building and the decision to raise all residential accommodation to the upper floor levels is central to this concept. This arrangement provides views in all directions and optimal daylight, as well as maximizing the distance between this building and the development lying opposite.  

The permeable nature of the plinth zone, housing restaurants and retail, will also make a significant contribution to the vibrant urban culture of the site, which is surrounded by water on three sides. Visitors will access the site from the southeast. This direction of movement is reinforced by aligning DOXX’s central hall on this axis. But rather than obstructing the route leading to the prominent quayside, the building helps to orchestrate it by providing a sequence of attractive urban spaces. In addition, gaps in the plinth open up sightlines in several directions towards the public space and adjacent uses, and this permeability benefits both residents and visitors in these areas.

The double X-design is what sets this building apart. The shape is also reflected in its name “DOXX” – evoking the nautical term ‘docks’.

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Project architect: Michael Schumacher
Project manager: Joachim Wendt, Gordan Dubokovic, Aleksandra Ginic
Team: Marina Jostina, Lorena Castell Alegria, Anja Seuchz-Wirth
Gross floor area: 16.000 m²
Land size: 6000 m²
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