Pingdi – Sustainability Project: “Shenzhen International Low Carbon City”

Shenzhen, 2015
Urban design
Competition 3rd prize

Within the framework of Shenzhen’s sustainability project “Shenzhen International Low Carbon City” a competition has taken place for a first pilot zone in PINGDI Street, located in the Longgang District. The design submitted by schneider+schumacher is based on a three-way network. Three areas are designated as blue, red and green, and each of these areas has an impact on the others. The blue network refers to water usage and production. This relates to the area adjoining the Dingshan River. The green network describes the district’s landscaping concept, which plays an important role in reducing CO2 emission. The red network includes public facilities, with retail opportunities and diverse sport and leisure activities. The design employs guidelines set down by the German Sustainable Building Council and it targets a 50-60% reduction in CO2 emission.

schneider+schumacher’s competition design was awarded third prize.

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Typology: Urban design
Procurement documentation: Competition
Urban planning Partners: CARDG, Consultans: Transsolar
Land size: 100,000 m²
Service phases (HOAI): 1
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