Dwellings for disabled people

Potsdam, 2003 – 2007
Residential buildings

This is a building for 30 disabled people. The site is located on the edge of Templiner Vorstadt in Potsdam, Germany. The building comprises four separate building elements, each forming one independent structure. Inhabitants are cared for around the clock, yet actively encouraged to participate in an independent social life. This is achieved by offering communal facilities for cooking, dining and socialising at the centre of each unit. The private rooms are adjacent to these communal spaces in order to allow inhabitants to retreat to their rooms at their leisure. All rooms and external areas are wheelchair accessible and barrier free. The reception, administrative offices, treatment rooms, an assembly space as well as six apartments for the inhabitants able to walk, are located in the two-storey front building.

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Technical details:

Client: Theodor-Fliedner-Stiftung, Mülheim an der Ruhr
Typology: Residential buildings
Project architect: Michael Schumacher, Astrid Wuttke
Project manager: Jan Grosch
Construction management: schneider+schumacher Bau- und Projektmanagement GmbH
Service phases (HOAI): 1-9
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