Regionals Heinemann

Frankfurt, 2009


The retail spaces beyond security control function as global branding for every airport. What used to be called Duty Free Shopping, then Travel Value is now Heinemann. Behind these shops stands a family business of the same name. The new name is also associated with a re-design of the shopping zone. Their new concept involves establishing worldwide brand recognition through brand names, and individuality by emphasising regional characteristics, using the designs of outstanding local architects.

In the case of Frankfurt airport, schneider+schumacher has created a universal shelving system, which can be used either as a standing element or as a sales counter. The link to Frankfurt is a reference to the Städel Museum extension, a project dear to schneider+schumacher’s heart. The curved roof of the garden hall extension finds its analogy in this unique furniture.

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Client: Gebr. Heinemann SE & Co. KG, Hamburg
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