Antalya Biennial

Antalya, 2013
Cultural buildings
INDEX, Just/Burgeff und schneider+schumacher

The International Architecture Biennial took place for the second time in autumn 2013 in Antalya. On this occasion, the theme was ‘Template’.
Three Frankfurt architectural practices  – INDEX, Just/Burgeff and schneider+schumacher –developed a joint project, in collaboration with Bollinger+Grohmann. Their installation places the historic wall in a new context and extends its use by creating a new horizon/view of the city.
The installation is situated on the prominent harbour wall that protects the harbour from the open sea. The walkway on the harbour wall is then continued on towards a publicly accessible tower, with an upper platform placed at right angles to the pier. A gesture of protection and demarcation is thus transformed into one of openness and connection. A staircase within the tower leads up to a viewing platform, opening up views in both directions: the sea and the city. The tower is designed as a timber and steel construction. Its vertical sides are clad in opaque material, while the inclined surfaces are translucent.

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Typology: Cultural buildings
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