Strasbourg/Kehl, 2012
Urban design

The aim was to establish an optimal proximity between the two front lines of new building development in Kehl und Strasbourg and to determine where these might be located. This necessitated addressing the issue of size and significance of both shorelines.
It is in fact the presence of the three bridges, together with the sophisticated design of the future railway bridge that both symbolises and physically roots the existing connection between Kehl und Strasbourg. The design for the new metropolitan areas on both sides has to ensure the continuity of such features, and preserve and consolidate them.
The urban and landscape architectural design concept links the two cities via two new districts, taking into account the importance of the river and surrounding landscape in all its facets as a dynamic and uniting force. Thus landscape and city are interwoven in a joint vision of this cross-border association.

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Client: City of Strasbourg/City of Kehl
Typology: Urban design
Gross floor area: 165,000 m²
Procurement documentation: Competition
Service phases (HOAI): 1
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