The Grand Egyptian Museum

Gizeh, 2002
Cultural buildings

Like a half-sunken treasure, the Grand Egyptian Museum mysteriously hides beneath the desert sand. The large volume subsides within the arid landscape and is perceptible only through the shell of its roof, which peaks out from underneath the sand in ever-changing unique ways, depending on the wind direction and time of the year.

A large triangular incision into the countryside leads to the entrance of the museum, its centre forming an ideal circular oasis within the dunes. The sickle-shaped glass facade and solar panels sweep along the perimeter, creating a magnificent view and connection from the inside to the stunning nearby pyramids. Just like the individual pearls of a necklace, the uses of the museum rhythmically sit around the empty core.

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Typology: Cultural buildings
Procurement documentation: Competition
Service phases (HOAI): 1
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