Infocenter Gateway Gardens

Frankfurt am Main, 2009
Cultural buildings

Our concept for the Infocenter Gateway Gardens consists of two parts: one focuses on the actual information centre, while the other looks its perception from a long distance. The amoebae-shaped building is clad with highly reflective polished stainless steel, creating an abstract, mysterious and alluring volume in the landscape of Gateway Gardens.

By doing this the building becomes a jewel, attracting attention despite its small size. Above the Infocenter an abstracted, artificial flower is wafting in the air; a transparent balloon, luminous at night, exposing its colourful inside. The flower floats at a height to achieve maximum visibility from Frankfurt airport’s Terminal 2 as well as from adjacent motorways. More "flowers" are envisaged as the development of further projects progresses. The message is: something is happening, is growing here.

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Typology: Cultural buildings
Procurement documentation: Competition
Service phases (HOAI): 1
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