JUNG Lectures for the DAM Prize 2020

16.11.2020 - Notes

A model project for low-cost residential building by schneider+schumacher and ABG Frankfurt Holding has made it onto the shortlist for the DAM Prize 2020. All projects on the shortlist will be presented in the series “JUNG Lectures” in a livestream. In mid-October, Dijane Slavic from JUNG and Peter Cachola Schmal, Director of the German Architecture Museum (DAM), interviewed Prof. Michael Schumacher about the ABG residential buildings located in Oberrad. There, a basic rent of only ten euros per square metre was achieved – without compromising on energy standards, design and user-friendliness. It is a project “almost at the limit of the impossible”, as Michael Schumacher describes it in his project presentation (from minute 31’). The video can now be found in the archive: “Neues Wohnen am Stadtrand”.

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