Podcast on architecture in China

25.08.2020 - Notes

At the Jung Architecture Talks in May, Prof. Michael Schumacher spoke among other things about building in China. This topic is examined in greater depth in a podcast episode, available from today, featuring Nan Wang, Managing Director of schneider+schumacher China, in discussion with the team from Jung Architecture.

In this interview Nan talks about establishing schneider+schumacher’s offices in Tianjin and Shenzhen. She illuminates how the architectural market in China functions and how buildings are phased there. She also goes into detail about the challenges involved in the ongoing project at Shenfang Park, and explains why it is difficult to draw comparisons between projects in Germany and China.

Click here for the podcast episodes:
Nan Wang at the Jung Architecture Talks (Podcast in English)
Prof. Michael Schumacher at the Jung Architecture Talks (Podcast in German)

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