Oasis 22+: Shell construction completed

29.06.2020 - Notes

On behalf of the residential company BUWOG, schneider+schumacher Vienna has designed two seven and eight-storey blocks, which are currently being built in Oasis 22+, a new urban development area. Construction work on the 84 apartments began at the end of 2019. Now the shell of the building is complete and the interior fit out has already begun. A total of six developers began construction in the urban development area in 2019 and the project is expected to finish in spring 2021. By then, more than 500 apartments will be ready for occupancy.

Till Schneider and Michael Schumacher took advantage of the recent border-opening to visit the Vienna office and to inspect the Oasis 22+ construction site in the urban development area, with local managing director Eckehart Loidolt.

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