Live lectures from our Frankfurt and Vienna offices

29.06.2020 - Notes

schneider+schumacher marks the prelude to Heinze ArchitekTOUR, which this year provides a platform for exchange via virtual lectures given between 1 and 16 July. On July 1 at 10am Michael Schumacher, Joachim Wendt and Nan Wang will talk about the challenges involved in planning buildings for research such as the Shenfang Park in Shenzhen, China, and the FAIR accelerator project. Later, ArchitekTOUR will move to Austria, where Till Schneider, Eckehart Loidolt and Cornelia Loidolt from schneider+schumacher Vienna will take over on 10 July at 6pm with a lecture on residential buildings – including Max & Moritz and Oasis 22+. Participation is free of charge. Click here to register.

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