The Collinis

18.05.2020 - Notes

Forty-five years on, Mannheim’s city administration has decided to sell the Collini Center administrative building. The sale will take place following the concept award, and the aim is to improve and develop this urban district. The brief called for a high-quality solution, and one appropriate to the city – taking into account the quota for low-cost rental apartments. In the course of a multi-stage competition and dialogue in cooperation with a specialist committee and extensive citizen participation, the seven competition designs were evaluated and the winner finally selected. Ultimately it was DEUTSCHE WOHNWERTE GmbH & Co. KG from Heidelberg who presented the best concept for the location, winning the investor selection process with a design by schneider+schumacher.

“Sustainable urban development, innovative architecture and atmospheric open spaces form a clearly discernible structure of buildings, public spaces and semi-private landscaped courtyards”, explained architect Christian Simons, managing director of schneider+schumacher’s planning department. “Four new wing-shaped structures of various heights with individual architectural characteristics enter into a dialogue with the existing buildings and together form a new ensemble: ‘The COLLINIS'”.

In collaboration with SINAI Society of Landscape Architects

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