The new Städel Museum roof terrace

18.06.2024 - Notes

The new visitors’ terrace at the Städel Museum opened at the end of March, offering a new view of the Frankfurt skyline. In an interview with Michael Schumacher and Kai Otto for “Städel Stories” they talk about the concept, inspiration and the significance of the new roof terrace for both visitors and for the city.


“At the start it was not entirely clear that we would be able to implement the project due to numerous challenges. One example was the listed building authority, who did not want the “historic” look of the building altered,” reports Michael Schumacher. As Kai Otto explains: “We then decided in favour of designing two spiral staircases, which leave the space more or less untouched. Even when viewed from the Main, with the stairs acting as sculptural elements, the spatial effect is terrific.”


Click here for the full interview.

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