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20.12.2023 - Notes

In the Frankfurt Gingerbread House Competition 2023, around 30 architectural firms in the Rhine-Main region set themselves the task of reinterpreting the classic gingerbread house. A team from schneider+schumacher also participated.


The building material designated for the house was three 60 x 44-centimetre gingerbread slabs, each roughly two centimetres thick. In the model-making workshop, Jennifer Binder, Matija Gold, Edgard Kollert and Jonas Luther used these slabs to create eleven different house outlines. When fixed in a row on the base plate, a cut-out in each individual slab in the shape of a gateway, creates a covered passageway through the middle.


At Massif Central in Bethmannstrasse, Frankfurt, at the beginning of December, the imaginative and innovative designs were presented to the jury, who assessed the competing designs’ creativity, technique and originality. schneider+schumacher’s gingerbread house won 3rd prize.


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