Astrid Wuttke elected to Frankfurt’s Urban Planning Advisory Board

19.12.2023 - Notes

The Association of German Architects (BDA) Frankfurt has elected six BDA advisory board members to serve on the Frankfurt Urban Planning Advisory Board for the next two years. Björn Bischoff, Benjamin Jourdan, Jon Prengel and Antje Voigt have been reappointed for the 2024/2025 legislative period, while Filip Neumann and Astrid Wuttke will be the new Advisory Board members.


Astrid Wuttke is the managing partner of schneider+schumacher Weiterbauen GmbH and has already demonstrated her deep commitment to architecture in numerous committees: she is a member of the State Historic Monument Council of Hessen and has acted as chair of the Ernst May Society over the past year.


The Urban Planning Advisory Board has a total of 23 members, 6 of whom are delegated by BDA Frankfurt. The task of the Urban Planning Advisory Board is to advise the city of Frankfurt on planning and development projects affecting the city as a whole, and on specific urban development plans.


One of Astrid Wuttke’s interests lies in establishing a widespread ethos regarding building transformation. Such high-quality construction projects have the potential to develop immense symbolic power and act as precedents for future projects. Astrid recently published an article in which she earmarked several buildings in Frankfurt as having the potential to fulfil exactly that purpose.


As reported by BDA Frankfurt

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