Milestone Federal Quarter in Bonn

20.06.2023 - Notes

In the competition for the realisation of the Milestone Federal Quarter in Bonn, with a section for urban planning ideas, the design by schneider+schumacher in conjunction with GTL Landschaftsarchitektur received a commendation. The competition, organised by Kreer Development GmbH, was looking for ideas for a landmark and an urban square on an approximately 5,000 sqm site – as specified by the Federal Quarter Framework Plan.


The scheme proposes a 40-metre-tall high-rise that follows the block-like structure of the Framework Plan. The ten-storey structure is separated by two joints, so that the inner courtyard receives light and the high-rise is given a clear structure. “The original diamond-shaped cubature of the uniformly high block development is broken up into two L-shaped structures(…). The clever offsetting of the L-shaped blocks results in more space in the inner courtyard” was how the jury described the concept. The ground floor Is taken up with services to attract public footfall, while a flexible office structure on the 1st to 9th floors offers the option of converting these floors to future residential use.

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