FAIR in DBZ architecture podcast

20.03.2023 - Notes

Every fortnight, DBZ Deutsche BauZeitschrift broadcasts a new episode of its podcast. The episode number 76 covers the task of constructing the particle accelerator. In conversation Kai Otto (on the right in photo) – partner at schneider+schumacher and managing director at ion42 – explains to editor-in-chief Michael Schuster what a particle accelerator does, how much design freedom the team of architects enjoyed, and how a construction site on this gigantic scale works. The ion42 consortium, consisting of the architectural firms DGI Bauwerk and schneider+schumacher, is responsible for the planning and implementation of the building works at FAIR.


Most of the facility is underground – ultimately only about 30 per cent of the accelerator centre will be visible. The architects employed the slogan “Form follows beam” as a design principle while planning the project whereby the buildings above-ground follow the beam line, all designed as part of a single flowing movement.

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