Interview on the topic of transforming buildings

21.12.2022 - Notes


“Buildings should not be disposable,” Astrid Wuttke, a partner at schneider+schumacher, tells the business magazine Capital. In the article of the same name, she criticizes the fact that too many buildings are being demolished in this country. Buildings should be planned in such a way that they can be adapted and repurposed, says the architect. So far, she says, it’s still too seldom that thought is given to potential building transformation – as in the case of the Juridicum building in Frankfurt which, up until now, been earmarked for demolition. However, according to a study by schneider+schumacher, the Juridicum is an eminently suitable candidate for conversion and further use and, in terms of urban planning, could also be integrated very well into the planned cultural campus development.


This topic is explored in depth in the hr-iNFO Kultur podcast entitled “Transformation, not demolition – New ideas for living on Frankfurt’s cultural campus”. In an interview with the editor Christoph Scheffer, Astrid Wuttke explains that the concrete skeleton frame of the Juridicum building could continue to be used. The interior could be completely reorganized and the façade brought up to date in terms of technical issues – either in keeping with the appearance of the building as it was originally built, or with a completely new look, with balconies in front, winter gardens or walkways. This approach would also make it possible to achieve low-cost residential accommodation on the campus, something that has been promised for years.

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