Desion: Parametric digital printing on glass

04.10.2022 - Notes

A characteristic facade design with individually printed glass elements that offer sun and privacy protection at the same time – all this is attained through parametric digital printing on glass. The new development “Desion” has been created in cooperation with Pilkington and Flachglas Wernberg, FAT LAB, and schneider+schumacher. Professor Andreas Fuchs from FAT LAB and Till Schneider will be presenting this at Next Studio Frankfurt at the Dialogue on Facade Planning on 18 October. For the complete programme and registration please visit

The printing can be individually designed with various colours and patterns using an online tool to visualise the overall impression, show internal views of the building and shading, while simultaneously calculating sun shading effects and energy permeability. Where several layers of a glass structure are due to be printed, their transparency and light transmission potential can be adjusted depending on the irradiation angle, and varied depending on the time of day and over the course of the year.

Printing is done using enamel inks, which are burned into the glass surface in a thermal process. As a result, they are particularly resistant to UV radiation and mechanical loads. The structured printing also means the glazing can be recognised by birds.

This video gives an insight into the development and production of “Desion”:


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