84 new apartments in Vienna

02.08.2022 - Notes

In the new Oase 22+ development area in Vienna-Donaustadt, the “Grünstück 22” project planned by schneider+schumacher and commissioned by BUWOG is now finished. It consists of two individual blocks of different heights, one seven and the other eight storeys high, each of which has a raised ground floor. The two blocks stand out from the surrounding residential buildings with their simple elegance and deliberately restrained appearance.

Stairwells are illuminated by a zenithal light source with their generous lifts arranged centrally to save space. Sanitary facilities for the individual flats lie in a ring around this service core with a minimum number of shafts. These are then surrounded by living spaces located on the outer façades to maximise the surface area. In total, the blocks offer 84 apartments – ranging in size from 53m2 to 92m2, with two to four rooms. Layouts have been kept compact and functional, generating a sense of openness and generosity, while maintaining individual privacy. Living rooms are largely placed at the corners of the building with French windows providing optimal daylight for all living spaces. The surrounding balconies give the building a characteristic appearance and offer each flat substantial private outside space.

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