News from the FAIR construction site

30.03.2022 - Notes

At the heart of the FAIR construction site in Darmstadt is an underground accelerator ring with a circumference of almost 1100 metres, through which ions will soon be travelling at nearly the speed of light. Early March saw the completion of the first tunnel section – just under a third of it – and this means installing the building’s technical services can now begin. The first step in this process will be to mount cable duct supports (see picture, right). 

The planning and realisation of this construction project is taking place under the direction of the ion42 consortium, comprising the architectural firms of DGI Bauwerk and schneider+schumacher. For the handover of this section, concrete surfaces had to be primed to receive paint on wall surfaces and ceilings, and a floor finish was applied. In order to transport building services equipment from the ground floor to the tunnel at 3rd basement level, a goods lift had to be installed and an overhead crane erected in the ground floor delivery zone.

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