Autobahn Church Siegerland illuminated in blue

15.02.2022 - Notes

Typically it is all white but this year, on the night of 15 February, the Autobahn Church Siegerland was lit up in blue. Each year, on this date, landmarks and buildings illuminated in blue are used to draw attention to Angelman Syndrome. This very rare genetic defect leads to severe mental and physical disabilities of various degrees. Thanks to the commitment of a family from the Siegerland region affected by the syndrome, this campaign took place in Germany for the first time this year. In addition to the Autobahn Church Siegerland designed by schneider+schumacher, other buildings also shone out in blue, including the DRK children’s hospital in Siegen, Siegen’s city walls, and the Apollo Theatre.

In recent years, Angelman organisations around the world have repeatedly generated publicity with their blue illumination on International Angelman Day. Among the landmarks that have all already been lit up in blue are Niagara Falls (2017), the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (2020) and the Prater in Vienna (2021).

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