Completion of PANDION DOXX at Mainz Customs Port

30.11.2021 - Notes

A total of 168 apartments with underground parking have been created in a golden shimmering building based on a double-X plan, designed by Michael Schumacher – owner of schneider+schumacher – and bb22 Architekten, on behalf of the company Pandion. This double-X arrangement provides views in all directions and optimal daylight, while also maximizing the distance between this building and the development opposite. Apartments are predominantly located on the four upper floors, of six floors in total. An elevated ground floor opens onto outside space and the commercial uses and gastronomy there will be open to the public – a major asset for this quayside location surrounded by water on three sides. The name “DOXX” reflects both the shape of the building, and evokes the former harbour docks.

In 2015, the company Zollhafen Mainz GmbH & Co. KG – in collaboration with the state capital Mainz – set up a multi-phase selection process to appoint an investor for this prominently located development site located in Mainz’s new urban district. From the four teams selected for the final round, schneider+schumacher and bb22 Architekten won first prize in November 2015.

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