Engineering Report: New Start, New Journey

16.11.2021 - Notes

In November 2018, schneider+schumacher and China Northeast Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. jointly participated in the project about the Qianhai Telecommunication Center in Shenzhen, which won the right to design the project among many participating teams and won the first place in the international competition. After continuous design and deepening, construction, the project is progressing very smoothly. Qianhai Telecommunication Center gross floor area is 68,610 m² and the building height is 112 m. By August 31, 2021, the underground structure of the Qianhai Telecommunication Center has been completed and has successfully broken out of the plus/minus zero elevation of the ground. Qianhai Telecommunication Center ushered in a new starting point for the construction of a “smart brain” in Qianhai.

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