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15.06.2021 - Notes

June 26 marked the launch of the tinyBE exhibition project, which includes nine temporary inhabitable sculptures by international artists. The imaginative ideas on experimental forms of living are being presented in Frankfurt’s Metzlerpark, in Darmstadt, and in Wiesbaden. tinyBE aims to create an interdisciplinary dialogue between the visual arts, architecture, design and science.

In November 2020, schneider+schumacher’s tiny Info Box was set up in Frankfurt’s Metzlerpark to announce the exhibition. Following a short period when it was located in front of the casino annex on the Westend campus of Goethe University Frankfurt, it has now returned to Metzlerpark – amidst the habitable sculptures. The tiny Info-Box has now been reconfigured to show videos by academics from the research institute “Normative Orders”, a partner and co-designer of the framework programme. Viewed alongside their current research projects, the scientists take a critical look at some of the sculptures, the future of living and working, and at the resource-efficient use of dwelling spaces. The videos can also be viewed on tinyBE’s YouTube channel.

The tiny Info-Box is already the third of its kind in schneider+schumacher’s history. The first Info-Box in 1995 announced the coming changes at Potsdamer Platz in the centre of Berlin. It was designed as a walk-in construction billboard and became a symbol of reunification (see photo above right). The Westhafen Info-Box was erected in 2001 and provided information about development plans for this area of Frankfurt (see photo bottom right).

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