Design Educates Awards 2021

06.05.2021 - Notes

The Design Educates Awards recognise those creative ideas from the field of architecture and design with both a highly aesthetic design and the potential to educate. This year, the international jury awarded the Frankfurt Pavilion an “Honourable Mention in architectural design”. The Prisma space sculpture was named “Solarlux Choice 2021”, having been selected by representatives of Solarlux, a strategic partner in the Awards.

The Prisma space sculpture was schneider+schumacher’s contribution to the Schorndorf plot at the Remstal Garden Show in 2019. The design focuses on the landscape of the Remstal and, with four points and six lines, forms a walk-in space in which the visitor can discover, linger, and gaze into the distance. The Frankfurt Pavilion was designed for the Frankfurt Book Fair as a temporary robust structure that can be easily stored and reassembled.

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