Tag der Architektur 2021

27.05.2021 - Notes

Every year during the last weekend in June a “Tag der Architektur” offers the public an opportunity to visit a wide variety of buildings. This event, organised by the regional chambers of architects, aims to interest as large an audience as possible in the built environment. Just how the “Tag der Architektur” on 26 and 27 June 2021 will be realised in concrete terms this year – whether with guided tours, outdoor events or hybrid alternatives – depends on which Corona regulations are in place at the time, and this will be announced at short notice. However, as has happened every year to date, the projects selected will also be presented both as a catalogue and online.

At the “Tag der Architektur” in Lower Saxony, schneider+schumacher and DGI Bauwerk will be present with their joint project Zeluba. The Centre for Lightweight and Environmentally Friendly Buildings in Braunschweig serves as a research building for the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research. In addition to a testing hall housing Europe’s only earthquake-testing machine, it offers vibration-sensitive laboratories, offices and a seminar room.

The practice’s model project for low-cost housing, ABG residential buildings in Frankfurt-Oberrad, has been selected for Hessen’s “Tag der Architektur”. It was developed with the aim of achieving a maximum rent of 10 euros per square metre per month (without utilities). The core principle of the design aimed to reduce the amount of building volume that needed first to be constructed and subsequently heated. This was achieved with an external staircase.

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