Accolade for motorway service area module

01.06.2021 - Notes

There are plans to erect new modular buildings on German motorways at unmanned service areas – and a prototype version is being proposed for one such stop near Berg on the A3 motorway. In a design competition organised by the company Autobahn GmbH des Bundes, schneider+schumacher’s design has received an accolade. The jury praised the “open and recognisable design approach.”

The principle idea behind the design was to create pleasant and congenial places in which people can take a break while travelling. This “service module” prototype consists of discrete space modules that can be linked together and then used at any unmanned service area. This easily recognisable module – destined to be used at various service area locations – is achieved through its uniform design and colour concept, which can be modified depending on the mix of functions and the location. The prefabricated room modules consist of various functional units, e.g. urinals, barrier-free accessible WCs, seating areas, service rooms and covered areas with and without seating.

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